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At Demolition Plus we are acutely aware of the impact our industry has on landfill and the environment. Our recycle and reuse strategy aims to reduce the volume of waste diverted to landfill. By recycling and reusing items such as steel, copper, aluminium, glass, rubble, insulation, timber, concrete & brick, soil, furniture, carpet and gyprock we are proactively minimising the impact of our industry on the environment.

We endeavour to re-use, salvage or recycle as much demolition material as possible in order to prevent excessive waste being tipped at landfill facilities. To accomplish this, Demolition Plus is committed to the implementation and the continual improvement of our Environmental Management System within all levels of our organisation. These efforts help reduce the environmental impact on our city, country and ecosystems.

This chart depicts the breakdown of waste by type disposed of by Demolition plus during 2009. During 2009, Demolition Plus disposed of over 7,500 tons of waste material, of which 53% was recycled.

 Waste Stats 2009

In the last two years, we have completed a number of Green Star Rating projects, achieving up to an 80% reduction of the waste from the demolition process reaching landfill. This has enabled our clients to achieve the maximum 6 Star Green Rating on their projects. Our approach is vital to your overall project rating, as demolition waste can consist of up to 80% of the entire waste produced on a project. We can provide you with an analysis of waste and recycling during tender, project or post-project stages.

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